The sketch above shows the potential development of Honore Park. 


1.  Create a grass trail on the perimeter of the County owned detention area shown in red.

2.  Extend the grass trail east along the Lake property owned by the City of Bradenton along Evers Reservoir.

3.  Create a small parking lot:

     a.  West of the entrance to the new residential development on County property.


    b.   East of the entrance to the new residential development on residential development property.


    c.  On City of Bradenton property adjacent to Evers Reservoir.

Manatee County GIS

Concept sketches - Jan 10, 2017

Thanks for meeting with us. You have proposed a very nice development.

The sketch shows how the entrance can be moved slightly to enable a small park near the lake just outside the entrance to your development. The County and the developer can trade some of the property from the County owned detention. The entrance can provide a very nice view of the lake.  A small parking area for the park can enables all your residents to access the lake. The City of Bradenton has retained property south and east of the lake which can be incorporated into the park with a pedestrian easement.

The second sketch shows how the parking can be constructed completely by the County on County land.  This does not result in as nice a design - you don't get the long view of the lake from your entrance and people must cross the entrance of the development to get to the lake.

Another alternative would be to keep the entire parking lot on County property and completely off of City of Bradenton land. In either case the County will want to gain a pedestrian easement from Bradenton for Lake access.

I have copied County officials on this email as well as residents who have helped formulate this proposal.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.  I think this is a Win/Win for the developer and Manatee County.Thank you for your consideration.

ps:  My wife and I live in a home built by your company and she grew up in a home built by your company.  Very well planned and constructed.

More info at:


Honore is a very attractive road connecting the beach in Manatee County to Venice. A crown jewel of Manatee County along Honore is Evers Reservoir. But you cannot see or access the lake from Honore.

The proposed development offers the County an opportunity to acquire a small park adjacent to the lake. The County owns a small detention area outlined above just west of the lake - working with the developer the parcel could be moved adjacent to the lake.

The land between the lake and Honore is floodplain, narrow, and wetland and cannot be developed. It could provide a great open space for Manatee County residents.

We suggest that the County ask staff to discuss this possibility with the developer to see if a small park is possible. We would be glad to assist with the discussions if you wish. Thank you for your consideration.

The map below shows how residents who live near Honore must now travel to get to the Lake. The new park would lower the distance by over 5 miles. Bikers and walkers could easily get to the lake.

The County could also consider acquiring a larger site to increase the size of the park.

Bill Evers Reservoir (Ward Lake) is a very nice and attractive lake. It is owned by the City of Bradenton and provides water supply and recreation. It is on the Braden River.

The County of Manatee has provided a very nice recreational facility called Jigg's Landing located at the east side of the lake. Canoes and boats can be launched from Jigg's Landing.

Honore Avenue borders the southern border of the Lake. But the area is fenced and the lake cannot be seen or used by local residents. To see or use the lake requires an over 5 mile drive.

We propose that Manatee County develop a park on the south boundary of the Lake on Honore Ave. The County already owns property in this location and with a small effort the County could create a nice park that would provide an attractive area for the people near Honore. We propose the name Honore Park. Alternately the name of the park could reinforce the name of the new development.

Jiggs Landing can be seen in the north east corner of the Lake.  The proposed new park would be at the south east corner of the Lake with access from Honore Avenue.

The map below shows how residents who live near Honore must now travel to get to the Lake.  The new park would lower the distance by over 5 miles. Bikers and walkers could easily get to the lake.

Photos of the Lake taken from Jigg's Landing looking across the lake towards the proposed Honore Park.

The map below shows the location of the proposed Honore Park. People living west of I-75, north of University, and south of State Road 70 would benefit from the park and convenient access to the Lake.

The outlined parcel below is owned by Manatee County. It fronts on Honore Avenue and has a small detention pond on the west end. If is also very close to the Lake. Land on all sides of the parcel is owned by the City of Bradenton.  The County could easily create a small park in this location with nice overlooks and access to the Lake.

Bradenton has announced that they intend to sell the 200 acres just west of the Lake and bordering Honore to Taylor Morrison Homes.  Now would be an excellent time for the County to work with the developer to design a park with the design of the development. So options for the County are:

1.  Take no action.

2.  Create a small park on County owned land.
3.  Work with developer to develop larger lakefront park.

An additional benefit of acquiring some of the land along the lake is for the protection of the water, since this lake is used for public water supply for residents of Manatee County. It is better to have land that drains directly into public water supply as natural as possible, with little direct drainage from lawns and their fertilizer.

We are forming a Committee to explore this potential park. We ask that the County Board explore the possibility of an acquisition of a small park on the site.

The County could work with the developer to incorporate the small existing County detention pond into a larger detention pond that would also be a park adjacent to the lake.

Jigg's Landing is a very nice Manatee County Park. A list of Amenities at Jigg's Landing is listed below:

  • Picnic areas and pavilions
  • Boardwalks
  • Concession stand
  • Wildlife viewing areas
  • Dock
  • Nature-themed Playground

Kayak/Canoeing: A new handicap accessible canoe/kayak launch is located at the site. The launch gives paddlers access to the entire Braden River and its freshwater system.

Picnicking: Available at the various sites throughout the preserve on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pavilion: The picnic pavilion is available by reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can reserve a pavilion online or by calling 941-742-5923.

Wildlife Viewing: Visitors can view a variety of birds and wildlife throughout the preserve in the restored native ecosystems.

Coming Soon:
The following amenities will be added to Jiggs Landing as it develops:
  • Interpretive signage
  • Kayak concessions
  • Bicycle concessions
  • Food, bait, and drink concessions


Manatee could create a nice small park on Honore with access and views of the Lake. 

Contact Craig Hullinger at if you have comments or concerns or if you would like to help make this park a reality.

Proposed Honore Park

Possible Trail System

Subdivision design with public open space. 

Create entry way park with views of the lake.

Create a grand entryway to the development.

Park / Development Name the same.

Park / Lake helps market development.

Create trail along lake.

Donation of land for tax deduction.

Use County land for entrance.

Use donation for acquisition match funds.

Improve bird habitat southeast of the lake.


Bradenton officials extend bid deadline on 200 acres near Evers Reservoir

Bradenton signs off on $12 million sale of 200 acres at Bill Evers Reservoir

Bradenton finalizes $12 million purchase agreement with Taylor Morrison home builders for 200 acres of land adjacent to the Bill Evers Reservoir.